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Detachable diffusers

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Posted 15 Dec 2010 — by vivelysusa
Category Oenodev Micro-Ox

With the detachable diffusers you can insert and remove an oxygen diffuser through the valves of a tank, even if the tank is full of wine or grape.

The addition of oxygen during the alcoholic fermentation is made easier, notably in red winemaking, where it is not always easy to pass the standard diffuser through the cap.

Macro diffuser – compatible with 70 mm or 50 mm ball valves

  • Diffuser in horizontal position for exclusive AF (alcoholic fermentation) use
  • Diffuser support comes with a casing so that the diffuser can be inserted and removed when the tank is full.
  • Can also be used with standard diffusers.

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Are you considering MOX for your 2010 harvest?

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Posted 21 Jul 2010 — by vivelysusa
Category Oenodev Micro-Ox

Vivelys USA is the first choice for micro-oxygenation consulting, equipment and spare parts. The combination of our innovation and experience in the art and science of micro-oxygenation (MOX) has kept us the industry leader since 1991.

For your 2010 wine, let us create a consultation package that fits your specific needs, whether you want to fix a problem fermentation, soften hard tannins, or just want to experiment with MOX. Our micro-oxygenation specialist, Alexander Remy, with hands-on experience gained at top French wineries, will help you get the most out of your existing Oenodev equipment or update you with newer, state-of-the-art equipment.

If you are considering micro-oxygenation for the first time, Vivelys will help you select the proper equipment and get you started with confidence on your 2010 wine.

About Micro-oxygenation: Oxygen is undeniably one of the factors that can change wine in a positive or negative way. In the worst case, it can ruin a wine. Controlling this important parameter is therefore just as important as controlling temperature or sanitation.

The financial return on investing in micro-oxygenation really depends on each situation but is always the result of the following benefits: Read More

The 10 most frequently asked questions regarding micro-oxygenation

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Posted 23 Jun 2010 — by vivelysusa
Category Oenodev Micro-Ox

« Is micro-oxygenation a means to accelerate the aging of wine? »

No. On the contrary, well managed, micro-oxygenation applied to red wine actually reinforces and stabilizes its tannic structure and color. This effect affords a wine a greater aptitude for aging and allows a more prolonged period of élevage.  If, on the other hand, micro-oxygenation is applied at high doses, high temperatures or over an excessive period of time on finished wine, then yes, there is a potential for early aging, however this is inappropriate usage of the process that could produce undesirable results.

« The concept of micro-oxygenation was conceived in the Madiran region around the varietal Tannat.  Is this technique reserved for very tannic and “rustic” red wines? »

No. Micro-oxygenation is a tool used to control the supply of oxygen, and resulting red-ox reactions, in your wine.

The provisions of O2 can be regulated at extremely low doses, allowing this tool to be perfectly adapted to all types of wine. It is important to remember, however, that the doses and applications are not systematic, but instead are to be devised by you and your support team, based on your specific fruit.  In our research, we have already observed very interesting and exciting results when using low-dose conditions on classically fragile varietals such as Gamay, Pinot Noir or Grenache, and of course on white wines and rosés (on the lees in particular).

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New range of Micro-oxygenation units

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Posted 22 Jun 2010 — by vivelysusa
Category Oenodev Micro-Ox

Vivelys USA – Oenodev is proud to present its new range of micro-oxygenation units.

The new range is composed of the “EcO2 Plus” and the “VisiO6”.

“EcO2 Plus”: A progressive and secure system to begin micro-oxygenation

  • 100% stainless steel casing
  • Touch screen for quick and easy adjustments of doses and volumes of wine to be treated
  • Capable of being modified and calibrated from 1 to 4 diffusers
  • Real-time monitoring and continuous auto-control
  • Warning by visual alarm in case of malfunction
  • Specialized ceramic accessory with proven reliability (used for 15 years)

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