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Reach your targeted Sauvigon Blanc Profile with Dyostem

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Posted 20 Sep 2010 — by vivelysusa
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Sauvignon Blanc : Follow the ripening and chose harvesting dates to reach Thiol or Terpenic grape profiles.

The Sauvignon Blanc produces varietal aromas from the Thiol family and from the Terpenic family. Depending on the region and the cultural conditions the expression of different profiles can be more or less strong.

During the ripening phase of the grape, the potential for Thiol will be influenced by the nutrition, particularly the NO2 nutrition, along with the water behavior of the plant. This potential is mostly expressed at a certain instant in the ripening process: the Thiol peak. This peak has a limited “lifespan” in the vineyard. Outside of this time limit, the produced wines are somewhat neutral in character.

The Terpenic profile is reached with a longer maturation time than with the Thiol profile. Reaching this profile depends on several parameters: the grapes’ light exposure, the ripening behavior, etc. The potential of the parcel and the harvesting date play here an important role.

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Dyostem (Berry maturity analysis system) in ETS

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Posted 20 Jul 2010 — by vivelysusa
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We are pleased to announce that the Vivelys wine grape maturity analysis system, Dyostem, will be installed in the ETS laboratory in St. Helena at the start of the 2010 growing season. Dyostem at ETS will allow you personalized use of this valuable sugar-loading monitoring tool without an investment in capital equipment, ultimately helping you precisely target your grape maturity objectives with an economical approach.

Briefly, the Dyostem System:

  • Measures sugar loading of grapes over time, which helps you assess the maturity kinetics of your vines and its berry profile
  • Helps to optimize picking date according to the desired wine profile
  • Helps create more consistent wine profile results, year after year, with multiple vineyards or blocks of the same varietal

I would appreciate the opportunity to present to you the benefits of using Dyostem at ETS and explore the specific objectives that could be pursued in your vineyards.

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